Atlantic Illumination Entertainment Lighting

Lighting Essays
Thoughts and Observances
Regarding Entertainment Lighting

Here are some writings that will inform the non-
lighting person while likely receiving a nod of
agreement from those in the performance industry.

Scroll, Spin, Zoom...
    Will lighting re-find its way,
or are we doomed to be eternally
awash in a fog of scroll, spin,
zoom, iris, colour change,
rotate and chase?

Just One More Light
    The next time an extra light
is requested to be added to
a show, think about this.

The Invisible Lighting Designer
    Too often, the stage lighting
designer is unsung, pushed into
the background, or forgotten
entirely. Harry Lane and Allan
Watts have something to say
about that.

Experienced Crew?
    Have you ever been offered
a crew to set up and cable
one of your shows?

The Lazy Lighting Designer
    Have you at times considered
the idea of re-using one of
your stage lighting layouts?

Backstage Blues
    Why using blue lights
backstage is a no-no.

Richard Bonner on Stage Lighting Design
    Richard discusses his style of
lighting the performance stage.

For some Humourous Observations:
Murphy's Laws of Entertainment Lighting

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