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(Image Right: Clip Art of Female and Male Dancers in Evening Dress)

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Original Dance
Ballet Jorgen Canada

The Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
April, 2009

This show consists of a series of short ballets.
The original lighting designers were Arun Srinivasan,
Joseph Patrick and Glenn Davidson. Modifications to
suit the Bella Rose were done by Joseph Patrick with
suggestions and contributions from Richard Bonner.

(Image: Juliet watches Romeo from the Balcony)

This stark look is achieved with four, 1000-watt fresnels pointed straight down from the upstage catwalk. The balcony is lit by a single 1000-watt ellipsoidal from the proscenium pipe.

Below is the same look as above but with the addition of a colour-correction blue to lighten the scene. This comes from 1000-watt, wide angle PAR 64s at the extreme ends of the proscenium pipe.
(Image: Romeo and Julliet Dance Together)

(Image: Two Dancers, Each in a Narrow Light Pool)
The full stage is seen here. The side curtains have been tied and the rear ones opened entirely to reveal the stage's back wall. The three fixtures there in blue are the venue's backstage lights used during performances. The stage is top lit by eight, 1000-watt fresnels in dark blue while each dancer is highlighted in a narrow pool using 19-degree, 1000-watt ellipsoidals with no colour.

Here is the same curtain setup but in warm colours. Side light has been added. Four of the six floor stands are clearly visible. Each has three, 750-watt, 37-degree ellipsoidals in warm and cool colours. Employing acute side angles provides form to the dancers.
Additional light comes from front-of-house wide-angle PARs and top-positioned fresnels over the stage. They use colour-correction orange to warm the scene.

(Image: A Sole Cast Member in Straw Surrounded by Blue)

These next five photos show usage of rear flats. They
are positioned in a staggered manner and have a mottled
surface that catches light in various ways. The last two
photos show incorporation of radial pattern projection to
add another dimension. Three 37-degree ellipsoidals provide this.

(Image: Dancers in Front of Blue-Coloured Rear Flats)

(Image: Dancers in Front of Pink-Coloured Rear Flats)

(Image: Dancers in Front of Orange-Coloured Rear Flats)

(Image: A Dark, Moody Look with Radial Patterns on the Rear Flats)

(Image: A Bright Look with Radial Patterns on the Rear Flats)

    Thanks go to photographer Colin Conrad of Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia for usage of his photos.

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