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(Image Right: Clip Art of Female and Male Dancers in Evening Dress)

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Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts
School of Dance

The Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
February, 2012

(All lights are 1000 watts unless noted.
All fresnels and ellipsoidals are 150mm.)

(Image: Cinderella Cleans the Floor in a
  Pool of Light)

A single, 26-degree ellipsoidal with no colour from the proscenium pipe casts a sharp pool of light around CInderella as she cleans the floor on her hands and knees -- and then stands up...

(Image: Cinderella Stands from Her Cleaning Chore)

(Image: Cinderella's Mother Dances while
  Cinderella Resumes Cleaning)

Full `room' light has been brought up and the white pool is out. A dirty peach colour from front-of-house short-throw, PAR 64 Wide Floods gives a dull look to the household to match Cinderella's mood. Back light is a dark steel blue from four fresnels.

For the next two photos, front lights are now a straw wash; side lighting is done with four short-throw PAR 64 Wide Floods using colour-correction blue gel.
The rear curtain is side streaked in lavender from four PAR 64 Narrow Spots under the upstage corners of the stage catwalk. The projections are foliage patterns, one each from a 37-degree ellipsoidal in a colour-correction orange.

(Image: The Full Cast Dances at the Prince's Grand Ball)

(Image: A Closer View of the Above)

The castle is lit with a colour-correction blue from a single fresnel mounted on the downstage side of the rear catwalk. It is focused to allow lesser light around the perimeter of the painting so as to achieve modeling on a flat surface.

(Image: Dancers in Front of Blue-Coloured Rear Flats)

This is the same look as in the above two photos except that uplighting has been substituted for the curtain lighting seen in those images. It is from four floor-mounted, 600-watt PAR 64 Raylights -- two each in blue and pink.

(Image: Cinderella Dances solo at the Grand Ball)

The lighting has been subdued for this solo dance. Her area is lit from the front of house by two 37-degree ellipsoidals. Although no gel is on these lights, the tint appears warm because of the lower intensity. The underlit areas on the perimeter of the castle painting are more evident here.

(Image: Cinderella and the Prince Dance at their Wedding)

Center-weighted, non-coloured light in the final two photos highlights Cinderella and the Prince. It comes from two 37-degree ellipsoidals from the house catwalk. A blue wash has been substituted for all lighting on the rear curtain but the castle painting remains as before.

(Image: Cinderella and the Prince Dance at their Wedding)

A hint of side and uplighting is added here as the finale is approached.

    Thanks go to photographer Bruce Goodick of Halifax, Nova Scotia for usage of his photos.

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