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(Image Right: Clip Art of Female and Male Dancers in Evening Dress)

(Although viewable at a 640-pixel horizontal
resolution, setting your browser to 800 or
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Eurythmy by the Sea

Christ Church Hall
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
August, 2016

(All lights are 1000 watts unless noted.
All fresnels and ellipsoidals are 150mm.)

(Image: Harpist Ellen Performs on
  the Hall's Main Floor as a Dancer Enters the Stage)

The main floor is lighted by two 37-degree Ellipsoidals, one directly from each side. They project Breakup Patterns in a Cold Blue. The saturated Red on stage comes from two front-of-house (FOH) Wide Flood PAR 64s.

(Image: Dancers in Deep Red Raise their Arms)

The Red is seen again here while the main floor lights have been turned off allowing the harpist to be silhouetted. Also on stage are floor lights, one 500-watt PAR 64 Wide Flood from each side in a Steel Blue. On the back wall is a Daylight Blue (looking dark in this photo) from two 500-watt Fresnels.

(Image: Dancers Lower their Arms
  while Bowing Their Heads)

The same stage look as above is used here but the dancers are now front lighted in a Colour-Correction Orange which appears as a slight amber to the eye.

(Image: A Single Dancer in Blue)

Here, an FOH Medium Blue washes the stage. The floor lights still wash Steel Blue from the sides.

(Image: Dancers in Rows with
  Clouds Projected on the Wall Behind)

Colour-Correction Orange washes from the front while the wall Blue is on very dimly. Onto this are projected some uncolourd, defocused clouds from two FOH 35-degree Ellipsoidals.

(Image: Dancers Circle with Clouds Projected Behind)

The same look as above from a different angle.

    Thanks go to photographer Robert Rangeley of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for usage of his photos.

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