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(Image Right: Musical Notes on a Staff)

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Toad's Memorial Party
Saint Antonio's
Olympic Community Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
March, 2008

(Image: `Jimi' from the Side)
The band is in red provided by two 1000-watt, PAR 64 Wide Floods from front of house. Backlight comes from 600-watt, PAR 64 Ray Lights in orange.

The Deadbeats
(Image: The `Deadbeats' from the Front)
Here, the band is lit in deep blue from PAR 64 Wide Floods, while Ray Lights provide lavender and pink backlighting. A single 1000-watt ellipsoidal lights the singer and bass player in rose. Note overhead, the silhouettes of three of the ellipsoidal key lights.

(Image: The `Deadbeats' from the Side)
The Deadbeats
This side shot shows a red front wash with lavender and turquoise backlighting. The singer is lit separately in rose, which looks yellow here.

These next two photos show four PAR 46 aircraft landing lights
as used on small single-prop and dual-prop airplanes. They
project intense, narrow beams, and as seen here, are in
bright pink. Their position is at about knee height
on a ledge behind the band. A blue front wash
and lavender Ray lights complete the look, while
a single ellipsoidal lights the guitarist.

Note that the fabric overhead reflects the pink downward
and provides a nice top glow on to the front musicians.

Low Rider
(Image: The `Low Rider' Band from the Front)

(Image: The `Low Rider' Band from the Side) Low Rider

These last photos show two similar looks. Both have a red front
wash and a rose key light on the guitarist. The difference is
in the rear ray lights, First they are lavender and green,
then lavender and turquoise. On the ledge behind is one of
the sets of PAR 46 fixtures that produced the pink beam
effect as can be seen in some of the previous photos.

Green with Envy
(Image: `Green with Envy' from the Front)

(Image: `Green with Envy' from the Side with Different Lighting)
Green with Envy

St. Matthew's Church
Halifax, Nova Scotia
November, 2007

Benn Ross

(Image: The Stage and Rear Wall)

The stage is lit in red and blue to make a pink colour. This is done with 1000-watt, PAR 64 Wide Floods from high side angles but slightly out front of the stage. The rear wall greens are done using standard PAR 64s with narrow-spot lamps. They are hidden in the pulpit as seen at Upstage Center. The low angle for these was chosen to highlight the arch and moulding around the rosette window.

Members of Fola

(Image: The Stage with Slashes of Light up the Rear Wall)

This uses the same green slashes as above, but has a blue wash. The principles are lit using two 37-degree, 1000-watt elipsoidals in a flesh colour. They are positioned between the upper and lower house sections.

Kaleb Simmons
Accompanied by Mark Adam

(Image: The Stage with Pink Slashes on the Rear Wall)

This look is achieved by a blue wash with a hint of front-of-house ellipsoidals. They appear reddish here because they are dimmed down to match the lower light levels of this scene. The pinks come from the same position as the green up-lighting seen in previous photos.

Note that their reflection adds pink highlights to the architecture of the church. Their low angle better highlights the rosette window's three-dimensionality because they are aimed directly up at it.

Kaleb Simmons

(Image: The Stage with Up-Lit Pillars)

Here, the pillars at stage left and right are up lit via 500-watt fresnels on floor bases. They are coloured in turquoise to contrast the stage wash hues, and are barndoored to keep the light only on the pillars and top mouldings. The spill light from these fixtures' ventilation openings gives away their locations at the bases of the pillars.

Kaleb Simmons
and Friends

(Image: A Bright Stage with both Pink and Green Wall Lighting)

A full stage wash in red is highlighted by pink and green up-lighting on the rear wall.

    Thanks to photographers Bruce Bottomley, Kathy Gurholt, Babs Walker, and Colin Conrad of the Halifax-Dartmouth, Nova Scotia area for usage of their photos.

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