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(Image Right: Musical Notes on a Staff)

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Dartmouth High School's
50th Anniversary

Dartmouth Sportsplex
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Common Room
July, 2010

Side and back lighting are all 600-watt Ray
Lights in eight different colours. Front
washes are 1000-watt, short-throw, PAR 64s,
with red, blue or orange gel. Key lights are
26-degree ellipsoidals in a flesh colour.

(Image: A DHS Banner is Displayed in front of the
  `Action Figures' Band)

(Image: `Action Figures')

Action Figures

(Image: `Action Figures')

(Image: A Side View of `Action Figures')

This angle shows the side lighting, dance floor, and video screen at the far wall.

(Image: Rick Gautreau)

Rick Gautreau

(Image: Sam Belts out a Song)

Sam Moon Band

(Image: Mike Jackson looks at Guitarist Dave Gallant)

Note the sharp cutoff between the orange and green colours on Mike's hair. This is achieved by strategic placement of the lights so that one colour fills in the shadows of another.

(Image: Dave Switches to Flute)

(Image: Sam Belts out a another Song)

Maritime Medley
The ScotianAires
Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May, 2010

(Image: The Director Introduces a Song)

This is the basic look for song introductions. It has two, 1000-watt. 26-degree ellipsoidals in a straw colour from the front of house and two 1000-watt Wide-Floor PAR 64s in steel blue from the upper back and off to the sides.

(Image: The ScotianAires on the Risers)

Here is the same lighting as above minus the key light on the introduction position and the addition of a flesh wash from the front of house via two 1000-watt PAR 64 fixtures.

(Image: A Deep Blue Wash envelops the ScotianAires)

Ultra blue envelops the group from two 1000-watt PAR 64s on the Proscenium pipe. A single, 150mm 1000-watt fresnel at partial intensity lightly back lights the director in pink.

(Image: Dancers Silhouetted in a Circle)

The Greene Irish Step Dancers start by facing one another in a tight circle. They are top lit from a single 1000-watt fresnel in a dark steel blue.

(Image: The Dancers in Full Light)

This is the same as above with the addition of two front-of-house, 1000-watt ellipsoidals in straw. Each has a 36-degree spread.

(Image: A Solo Dancer is Lit from the Sides)

This single dancer is lit from two 1000-watt, PAR 64 wide floods, one from each side and upstage of her position. The colour here is a lighter steel blue.

(Image: The Solo Dancer in Full Light.)

As with the group of dancers, two ellipsoidals from the front illuminate a single dancer, while the lights from diagonally back of each shoulder remain to highlight her from behind.

(Image: Dancers form a Column)

The dancers here have formed a column and are dancing forward from darkness into the spots downstage. Lights here are the front ellipsoidals in straw and single rear fresnel in dark steel blue.

(Image: Dancers form a Row at the end of a Number)

The line of dancers has just left the central area and are about to take a bow. They are lit from front PAR 64s in flesh while the single rear fresnel pools dark steel blue in the center.

(Image: Skip and Kim in Front Straw)

Skip and Kim Holmes are first lit in straw from front ellipsoidals and from behind in lavender by a single, 1000-watt fresnel.

(Image: Skip is Backlit in Steel Blue, Kim in Front Straw)

Now Skip is backlit by a single, 1000-watt fresnel in dark steel blue, while Kim is lit in straw from the front, but it is dimmed down for a waltz.

(Image: The ScotianAires in Red with a Lavender and Green
  Back Curtain)

The rear curtain is lit by two 1000-watt fresnels in lavender from the floor and by two 1000-watt, PAR 64 Medium Floods from high up to the sides of the curtain. They are in a lime green. A hint of front red shines on the singers.

(Image: The ScotianAires in Red with a Turquoise Pattern on a
 Lavender Back Curtain)

The rear pattern here comes from two 1000-watt ellipsoidals on the proscenium pipe each with a breakup pattern and turquoise gel. The lavender comes from two 1000-watt fresnels on the floor below the curtain. The front red has brightened.

The remaining photos show the ScotianAires
with various back curtain looks done from
below, above and to the front of the curtain
using combinations of PARs and fresnels.

(Image: The ScotianAires in Red with Pink and Green on the
  Back Curtain)

(Image: The ScotianAires in Red with Pink and Yellow on the
  Back Curtain)

(Image: The ScotianAires in Red with Yellow and Green on the
  Back Curtain)

Carew, Breeze and Wilson
The Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
December, 2009

(Image: The Four Band Members Seated under Bright Lighting)
The black curtain was used for this event. Pink washes it from the proscenium pipe, while the band is lit from behind & above in steel blue. The front wash is a medium red. All fixtures used for the above were short-throw, 1000-watt, wide-flood PAR 64s. Also from the front are two 26-degree, 1000-watt, 150mm ellipsoidals in straw, one each focused on the two central musicians.

The steel blue seen above continues to back light the musicians here, but front lighting is solely from ellipsoidals in straw. The bass player at your right appears red because his light is at a lower intensity which shows as red to the camera.
(Image: Band Members under More Dramatic Lighting)

No curtain lighting or front wash is used so as to create a more intimate, more dramatic effect.

(Image: The Band in Red & Blue Light)

Top light in blue, and from slightly behind, comes in at a steeper angle than the steel blue seen above. It is more tightly focused and is done using three, 1000-watt, 150mm fresnels with barndoors. Front light is a dim red wash, while the curtain is washed from two, 1000-watt, medium-flood PAR 64s at extreme and high side angles so as to show off the curtain pleats. It looks blue to the camera, but is actually a dark lavender.

Lighting here is strictly the back steel blue and a single front-of-house ellipsoidal on the one musician.
(Image: The Band is Back Lit)

(Image: The Band in Very Deep Blue) Only front lighting is used here. The blue is an "ultra" blue from the proscenium pipe PAR 64, wide floods. This provides a very steep wash on the band. A single musician is picked out of the blue by a front-of-house ellipsoidal.

An A Cappella Christmas
The Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
November, 2009

(Image: Patrick and his Mother in his Bedroom)
Patrick is put to bed by his mother. His bedroom set was in front of the curtains, partially on platforms situated on the main auditorium floor. Lighting was from two 1000-watt, 150mm, ellipsoidals with orange, colour-correction filters to simulate warm room light. The table lamp used a typical 40-watt, screw-base, non-diffused (clear bulb) light source but it was under control of the lighting director.

As Patrick falls asleep, the lighting is cross-faded to a single, 750-watt ellipsoidal with a rotating pattern of a snowflake. Note the chromatic abberation in the edges of each element of the pattern. This is because theatre light lens systems are usually not corrected for colour-fringe problems.
(Image: Patrick sleeps as a Snowflake Projection whirls
   around him)

(Image: Patrick sleeps within a Blue Light)

The curtains open to reveal a lit tree while the lighting cross fades to a single, 1000-watt ellipsoidal in blue from a high, on-stage angle focused on the bed from behind and to its left.

The open curtains show that Patrick's toy soldiers have become real. They are frozen in pose except for the platoon leader who peers through binoculars to be sure no humans are around. The leader and front soldiers are lit dimly from two front-of-house, 1000-watt ellipsoidals in straw.
(Image: Patrick's Toy Soldiers become Human Sized)

The upstage soldiers are in green from the proscenium and in pink side-back light from the rear catwalk. Fixtures are 1000-watt, short-throw PAR 64s with wide-flood lamps. The rear fixtures are barndoored to control spill into the down-stage area. Once again, the bedroom (partially seen at the right) continues to be lit in blue from the high-angle ellipsoidal hung above the stage.

Blue washes the soldiers and Patrick from the proscenium, with lavender from the rear sides.

(Image: Patrick and the Soldiers Sing a Song)

A front-of-house red turns some of the blue into a nice purple for this quiet song. The red is most evident on the back of the platoon leader and her teddy bear because both are downstage of the blue wash's focus area. Fixtures here are wide-flood PAR 64s.

The bedroom is lit from the front in lavender and from behind in blue. Fixtures are 1000-watt ellipsoidals. The table lamp is once again brought up for this scene.
(Image: The Soldiers Read a Story and Sing to Patrick)

After a few songs and more story reading, the solders return to the risers for a final song, the curtains close and Patrick awakens to realise it was all a dream.

Seventh Heaven
(Image: A Quartet Performs between Partially Closed Curtains)

Lighting here consists of two ellipsoidals from the front in straw, with a medium lavender from a high angle behind. Its colour is evident on the performers' heads and shoulders, on the floor at their feet, and at the edge of the curtain to your right.

City of Lakes Barbershop Chorus
(Image: A Quartet Performs between Partially Closed Curtains)

The chorus is lit in deep blue with an overlay of flesh, both from the proscenium pipe. Steel blue comes in from the rear sides, while lime green washes the white curtain which was used for the second half of the show. All fixtures for this look are wide-flood PAR 64s.

The ScotianAires
(Image: The Female Chorus on the Risers Dressed in Blue)

This is a simple scene with only the front red and blue washes used to make pink, while a steel blue highlights from the rear sides. Fixtures are wide-flood PAR 64s. No curtain lighting was used. The shadow is caused by a low proscenium valance curtain shading the front-of-house positions.

This closeup shows almost the same lighting but with flesh from the front and a lavender curtain wash. The latter comes from well above and to the sides of the rear curtain. Light slashes right down it rippling along the pleats. The moderate shadow at Top Center is caused by a projection-screen box.
The ScotianAires
(Image: The Female Chorus on the Risers Dressed in Blue)

(Image: All acts Pose on the Risers.)

For the finale, all acts took to the stage to sing together. Lighting for this shot, taken after the final song, was flesh and blue from the front, steel blue from the rear sides and the lime green on the rear curtain. To bump up the levels upstage, an additional flesh wash from the proscenium was employed. The tree, which had been moved to where the bedroom set had been, was illuminated for this as well.

    Thanks go to photographers Howard Merklinger of Halifax, and to Ian Fleming of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for usage of their photos.

    Dartmouth High School 50th photos are from various unknown photographers. E-mail Richard if you want your name credited! Richard's E-Mail.

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