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Decade of Love
Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
December, 2010

For this show, all lights were 1000 watts. All PARs were 64s;
all fresnels were 150mm. Front washes were Wide Floods unless
noted. All front-line key lights were 26-degree ellipsoidals
from the front of house; front lighting for the drums was a
37-degree ellipsoidal on the proscenium pipe.
Specifics are noted with each photo.

(Image: Guitarist, Drummer and Two Vocalists on

A red front wash covers the band while a yellow side wash from two fresnels lights the drummer and a turquoise back/side wash from two Medium Flood PARs covers the front line.

(Image: The Band in Pink)

A bright pink wash comes from a higher angle front-of-house pipe. It is supplied by two Medium Flood PARs. Hal Bruce has a straw key light on him.

(Image: The Band in Deep Blue and Pink)

A deep blue from the rear corners hits the front line. It comes from four Narrow Spot PARs. A single key light again profiles Hal.

(Image: The Band in Dark Blue and Pink)

Here is the same look with an added low-intensity front pink and the kit lit from the extreme sides by two Wide Flood PARs in a colour-correction (CC) blue.

(Image: The Band in all Key Lighting)

Each front-line person has his or her key light on. Turquoise lights them from behind while the kit is lit in yellow from the side.

(Image: Hal in a Solo Spot )

This is a simple look with just two lights: A front key in straw and a rear, high-angle lavender from a Narrow Spot PAR. (It appears blue here due to the camera.)

(Image: The Band in Blue and Pink)

A medium blue comes from the front with a hint of rear pink and a central key light. The kit is backlit by fresnels in lavender.

(Image: A Vocalist is Highlighted)

A key light on the vocalist pierces through a front red wash. The kit is lit from the side in CC blue, while the rear, black curtain has a medium blue from the extreme upper sides.

(Image: White Slashes run behind the Band)

A pink front wash and side CC blue on the kit are contrasted with white slashes on the rear curtain. The latter are done with two 37-degree ellipsoidals positioned outside and above the extreme upper corners of the curtain.

(Image: The Slashes on Green)

Here are the same slashes on a white curtain with green fill. The band is lit with front red and rear turquoise.

(Image: A Closeup of the Slashes and Green)

Here is a closer view of the same look.

(Image: Hal in Front of a Graduated-Colour Rear

This closeup shows a key-lit Hal, a blue front wash (seen on drummer Scott's face), and a pink at the top of the rear, white curtain. Notice how the curtain colours combine to give a graduated fill effect from dark blue through magenta to pink.

(Image: Clouds and a Blue Sky Silhouette the Band)

The only lighting here is a sky blue wash and two cloud projections on the curtain, plus a hint of back/side pink. The clouds are one each from a 37-degree ellipsoidal with an aperture to sharpen the image.

(Image: Clouds and a Blue Sky behind the Band)

The same look but with key lights on the front line.

(Image: Clouds and a Pink Sky behind the Band)

An alternate version shows the clouds against a pink sky and a side CC blue wash on the drums.

    Thanks go to photographer Ian Fleming of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for usage of his photos.

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