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(Image Right: Musical Notes on a Staff)

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The Man Behind the Shades
(Roy Orbison Tribute Concert)

Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May, 2014

For this show, every fixture was 1000 watts. All PARs were 64s,
except for four bars of three PAR 56s. Each bar was hung vertically
and lamped with one 500-watt and two 300-watt Medium Floods. Fresnels
were 150mm. Front washes, the side wash and curtain washes were Wide
Flood PARs. All keylights for the musicians and backing vocalists were
26- or 37-degree ellipsoidals from the front of house (FOH) or proscenium
pipe, and each had flesh gel. The centre spot was 19 degrees; it was
positioned higher up on the FOH catwalk and had no gel.

(Image: `Roy' with his 10-Piece Backup on Stage)

A light Orange front wash covers the stage while light in Colour-Correction (CC) Blue washes from the side. Four PAR 56s (visible at the top) backlight in Orange to match the front.

(Image: `Roy' is Highlighted as his Band
 Performs around Him)

Seen here are the same Oranges as above but PAR 56 turquoises are also added for additional backlighting. The curtain has been washed in Red causing two shadows to be projected upon it from the down-hanging 56 bars. This adds to the effect by placing eye-catching shapes above the band.
`Roy' is lighted by his front key light, but also from above and behind by a single 37-degree ellipsoidal in a Cold Blue.

(Image: `The Pianist is Highlighted while `Roy'
 Looks on, with the Drummer seen Behind)

This is a close view of the lighting in the previous photo as seen in the upstage area of the piano and drum kit.

(Image: A High-Angle Photo as Shot from the Balcony)

This simple look here shows the band lit from the front in Red and Green from behind. The latter is done using three fresnels spaced along the bottom of the on-stage catwalk. `Roy' has a single key light on him.

(Image: A Quiet Song in Blue)

Front lighting is a Medium Blue with turquoise PAR 56s on the kit. `Roy' has both his front key and rear special on him. The curtain was kept dark to create a closer, more intimate stage.

(Image: A Second Quiet Song)

The same Blue wash as before is used again but with a hint of the CC Blue side lighting. The curtain has four PAR 64 Narrow Spots in dark violet shining from the upper, upstage corners. No back lighting was used here for this look.

(Image: `Roy' with his Guitar Ahead of the Piano,
 Drums and Bass)

Another close view affords a view at the effect of the side CC Blue coupled with an Orange front wash.
(The curtain effect is described next.)

(Image: The Band is Bathed from Behind in Deep Blue
 while `Roy' Sings without Guitar)

This simple look consists of only one front light, the key light on `Roy'. The band is covered in Ultra Blue from behind which spills into the audience aisles. This is from four PAR 64 Narrow Spots positioned in the upper, upstage corners.
On the curtain is an effect done using two 26-degree ellipsoidals with overlapped `Water' patterns and a Mallard Green gel.

(Image: A Similar Look to the Previous Photo)

The Ultra Blue is as seen previously, but a Pink Back Wash emanates from the PAR 56s to add more dimension. The curtain sports a dim Red wash and two `Wattle' patterns in lavender from 26-degree ellipsoidals.

(Image: A Lower Angle View of the Previous Photo)

The `Wattle" patterns remain but the Red and Pink washes are gone to be replaced with an Orange front wash. `Roy' is lit as before.

(Image: Orange and Green Bathe the Band while
 Wisps of Light Illuminate the Rear Curtain)

Save for `Roy', there is no front lighting here. The band is lit in Green from the fresnels and Orange from the 56s. On the curtain is a dim Blue wash overlapped with Foliage and Flames patterns -- severly out of focus so as to produce a wispy effect.

    Thanks goes to photographer Bruce Goodick of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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