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(Image Right: Musical Notes on a Staff)

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Inclined to Sing
(Tribute to the Music of Patsy Cline,
Gene MacLellan, Joni Mitchell and Carole King)

Bella Rose Arts Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May, 2015

Unless noted, for this show, every fixture was 1000 watts. All
PARs were 64s. Fresnels were 150mm. Front washes, the side wash
and curtain washes were Wide Flood PARs. All keylights for the
musicians and backing vocalists were 26- or 37-degree ellipsoidals
from the front of house (FOH) or proscenium pipe, and each had
flesh gel. The centre spot was 19 degrees; it was positioned higher
up on the FOH catwalk and had no gel.

(Image: `Patsy' with her Backup Band and Vocalists
  on Stage)

A Red front wash covers the stage and a Blue washes the rear black curtain. The centre spot is a 19-degree Ellipsoidal in open white.

(Image: `Patsy' is Highlighted in White as her
 Band Performs around Her)

This has the same centre spot but with a Blue wash from the front of house. Red highlights the top of the sparkle curtains from the proscenium pipe. The sharp cutoff is due to the low proscenium curtain. Back lighting comes from Medium Flood PARS in the extreme Upstage corners.

(Image: `Patsy' is again Highlighted in White while
  the Band Performs around Her)

Here is the reverse of the wash colours seen above. Blue is on top, while Red is below. The sharp cutoff is once again evident.

(Image: A Guest Saxophonist plays with the Band)

The band lit from the front in Red with Turquoise slashes on the rear black curtain. The latter is done by two Narrow Spot PAR 64s high up and at a steep angle, one from each side. As before, `Patsy' has a single key light on her.
Notice that no lighting on the sparkle curtains with strong lighting on a surface behind them, makes them completely transparent to the audience.

(Image: The Stage in Amber)

Front lighting is an Amber/Yellow with the Turquoise PAR 64s on the curtain as before. In this scene, keeping light off the top of the sparkle curtains, makes them become almost transparent. The effect is to have them appear to stand on their own.

(Image: A Quiet Song in Blue)

Here is the effect of extreme-side slashes on the sparkle curtains in a Lavendar colour from Narrow PAR 64s. The Blue front wash provides contrast. Top lighting comes from four Fresnels in a Dark Steel Blue.

    Thanks goes to photographer Mike Minick of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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