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Big Night
Prince Hall
University of King's College
Halifax, Nova Scotia
March, 2009

This is a banquet and student talent cabaret. It
sports a single look that creates an atmosphere
under which students eat and watch the talent perform.

It is achieved from six 1000-watt, PAR 64 Narrow
Spots in red that are bounced off the alcoved
ceiling, with four projections of foliage on to each
corner wall panel. The latter is done by 1000-watt,
19-degree ellipsoidals with stainless-steel patterns
and yellow gel. The look is completed with two 1000-watt,
PAR 64 Medium Floods shining on to the stage in a flesh colour.

(Image: Staff and Musicians do Final Preparations)

The Staff Prepare

Students Enjoy the Banquet

(Image: Students Eat under Candlelight and Red Top Lighting)

(Image: Sean Performs to a Packed House)

Sean O'Brien

New Providence

(Image: New Providence on Stage)

    Thanks to photographer Colin Conrad of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for usage of his photos.

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