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Downtown Magic
Truro Trade and Convention Centre
Truro, Nova Scotia
November, 2010

Unless otherwise stated, all lights are 1000 watts
and have four-way barndoors - even the ellipsoidals.

At the start of the show the MCs are speaking at a lectern at Center. They are lit by a single 150-mm, 500-watt fresnel in a flesh colour. It is the black object above and to the front of their position.

(Image: A General View of the Fashion Show Room)

At Upper Left is a row of short-throw PAR 64s with wide flood lamps. They and another bar of the same lights, out of frame to the right, illuminate the runway from the front in white and red. The latter colour is used to warm the white light as needed.
Side and ceiling lighting may be seen along the left wall on tripod stands. There are two 37-degree ellipsoidals to light the models when they turn toward the side seats. Two 150-mm fresnels provide ceiling light in turquoise or orange. This light setup is mirrored for the other side of the runway. The lights are kept low to minimise light into patrons' eyes that are seated on opposite sides of the runway.
The four glows at the top of the rear curtain are 40-watt worklights for the dressing area. They are behind the curtain but glow through the fabric.

(Image: A Closeup of the Models' Runway Entry Area)

This and the next photo show the upstage area of the runway. Models enter from either side of the fabric falls. Lighting here consists of two 500-watt fresnels in flesh. White lighting comes from the front of house, as just described.
The runway is outlined in strings of clear seven-watt lamps intertwined within spruce boughs.

(Image: Models Pose in Front of the Runway Entry)

(Image: The Curtain and Ceiling in Colours)

The side curtains are now lit in red from an oblique angle to show off the pleats. This is done with two Narrow Spot PAR 64s without barndoors. The narrow-beam lamps have been rotated to the vertical. The ceiling is lit in turquoise by the side fresnels on stands. White light comes from the front and sides.

(Image: The Curtain in Green and Ceiling in Turquoise)

This and the last photo show the effect of green uplighting on the side curtains. It's true look is diluted here by the camera. The uplights are 600-watt, PAR 64 Ray Lights. The second photo shows the same as combined with the side red on the curtain.

(Image: The Curtain in Red and Green Colours)

    Thanks to photographer Colin Conrad of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for usage of his photos.

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