(Image Left: Drama and Comedy Masks)

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Halifax West Players
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May, 2014

(All lights are 1000 watts except as noted.
All fresnels have barndoors.)

(Image: Students Sit Around Awaiting the Start
   of Class)

Lighting here is basic for this interior scene. A wash from front of house wide-angle PAR 64s illuminates the stage in a colour-correction blue. Side light in a gold colour comes from four short-throw PAR 64s.
The windows are pattern projections from 500-watt, 23-degree ellipsoidals. Lamp alignment of the fixtures was altered so that hot spots were created to simulate varying exterior lighting conditions.

(Image: Male and Female Ballet Dancers Perform
  for the Class)

Two wide-angle PAR 64s cast a deep blue on the upstage floor and rear wall. These fixtures are positioned at the extreme corners of the proscenium pipe. A single, 26-degree ellipsoidal from the centre of the proscenium pipe shines almost straight down on to the dancers. It is ungelled, but appears warm here because it is well down on dimmer.

(Image: A Closeup of the Above Ballet Dancers as
        the Male Supports the Female off the Floor)

Here is the same lighting as above but it is at a higher dimmer level, and the photo is more brightly exposed this time.

(Image: A Line of Dancers Stands Downstage 
        in Front of a Projected Pattern on the Rear Wall)

The same blue proscenium lights illuminate the rear wall, but with the addition of two 26-degree ellipsoidals positioned high above and well to the sides of this wall. Each has an "Arab Screen" pattern with a bright yellow gel. Due to the extreme angle, the pattern keystones so much that it is well stretched out and thus not easily recognised.
Blue top lighting comes from four 150mm fresnels on a centre stage pipe, while the front apron wash in a straw colour comes from two medium-flood PAR 64s placed high up on the front-of-house tormentor pipes.

(Image: Two Principles on an Upstage Platform
        while the Chorus Kneels Facing It)

Here is the first of the "Orange" looks used for this show. To achieve this low lighting angle on the dancers, two medium-flood PAR 64s on floor bases are employed -- one each at the extreme downstage corners.
The platform is lit by a single, ungelled 26-degree ellipsoidal from the proscenium pipe.

(Image: Two Principles on an Upstage Platform
        while the Chorus Dances All Around)

This is a slightly closer view of the above lighting effect.

(Image: Two Principles on an Upstage Platform
        while the Chorus Kneels Facing Away from It)

The closest view of the above lighting effect.

(Image: The Cast is Silhouetted as seen
        Against the Rear Wall)

Another of the "Orange" looks. This is done using two medium flood PAR 64s from the extreme upstage corners in front of the wall. It is done to produce a silhouette effect, but two dancers at stage left (your right) have strayed too far upstage and have had their arms and heads illuminated.

(Image: The Cast at a Party in Green and Orange

A simple look is used to achieve a shadowy party atmosphere. Eight PAR 64 Ray Lights shine down from the proscenium pipe to produce lime-green spots on the floor and actors.
In another of the "Orange" looks, two short-throw PAR 64s on floorbases cast a soft glow from directly downstage to produce an uplighting effect. This contrasts direction- and colour-wise with the green lights from above.

(Image: The Cast Holds Graduation Gowns
        in Front of Their Faces and Bodies while
        the Principal Dancer Stands with Her Arms

A bright look, the front lighting consists of two wide-angle PAR 64s with warm gel, and two 37-degree ellipsoidals in open white. All the previously-described orange lights are on, plus two medium-flood PAR 64s in yellow illuminate the back wall from the extreme upstage corners.
The vertically hanging lights seen above and behind the cast are ten, 200-watt PAR 46s (two are hidden by a border curtain) using a variety of spot and flood lamps. These are gelled in bright pinks and yellows and are purposely visible to the audience so as to add colour and sparkle to this look.

(Image: The Cast is Shadowed by Backlighting)

Here is the same pose as above. This look is for the final note of the show. Used here are the wall Orange and vertical PAR 46s, but also added are ten 13-volt, PAR 46 marine spots that cast intense, narrow white beams on to the actors and stage floor.

    Thank you to photographer Bruce Goodick of Halifax for usage of his photos.

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