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Elephant's Graveyard
Dartmouth Players
Dartmouth, NS
2017, March

(All lights are 500 watts, except for 200-watt, 80mm fresnels.
All Fresnels have barndoors unless otherwise noted.)

(Image: The Circus People and Town Citizens
   Stand Individually on the Stage)

In this full stage shot, the actors are washed by 150mm fresnels in a Bastard Amber from the front and by 80mm fresnels in Steel Blue from behind. Hanging ropes and tent poles, plus a tarp well upstage, complete the circus look. Here, the tarp is illuminated by two 150mm fresnels in a Sky Blue colour with diffusion to soften the light.

(Image: A Young Girl Marvels at the Spectacle
 of the Circus as it is Set Up)

The busy circus personnel are backlighted by the Steel Blue, and are side lighted from Down- and Up-Stage fresnels. The latter consist of two each coming from Off Stage Left and Right in a Colour Correction Blue. The tarp now has a Dirty Peach colour from two 150mm fresnels with diffusion. It is dimmed well down so as to simulate the initial brightening of a pre-dawn sky.
The young girl downstage is in Pale Violet from a single 150mm Fresnel.

(Image: An Impoverished Citizen tells the Story
 of the Circus and the Town from his Point of View)

Citizens in the background are frozen in position under 80mm and 150mm fresnels in Pale Violet. A citizen of poverty sits on the stage edge relating events of the town and of that day. He is illuminated in a Colour Correction Blue from a single 80mm fresnel.

(Image: During the Parade, the Poor Citizen Relates
 an Incident that has Spiraled Out of Control)

The entire cast is once again frozen in stance under Pale Violet while the impoverished citizen in front of them describes negative events unfolding during the circus parade. He is in a Downstage Center, Colour Correction Blue. This light is also seen washing over the clown to allow room for the citizen to move back and forth in front while telling his story.
No back lighting is seen here so as to emphasise the horror of the incident by keeping the audience's attention on the situation Downstage. However, a bit of Blue is used on the tarp to exagerate depth on the stage.

(Image: The Manager talks of the Life of
 Circus People on the Road)

Dramatic lighting consists of Pale Violet on the front of the manager and clown, and a strong Pale Violet on the ringmaster from the side. Both are from 150mm fresnels. 80mm fresnels light from behind in Steel Blue.

(Image: Three Groups of Circus People, Each
 in a Circle under Different-Coloured Light)

Three fresnels using snoots to contain the light, each point downward in a tight circle to illuminate groups of circus people in a different colour. To the left is a Medium Green, center is in a Primary Red, and right uses the Sky Blue. The colours appear lighter than actual because they are overexposed in this photo by the camera.
No other lighting is used so as to silhouette the actors on the main floor of the theatre.

(Image: The Ringmaster appeases the Crowd
 at the Performance the Night of the Incident)

The same lighting as above except that the ringmaster has walked forward into a Pale Violet light from a 150mm fresnel. The downlight colours are underexposed here so they appear darker than actual.

(Image: A Railroad Engineer suggests how the
 Elephant's Execution Might take Place)

The railraod engineer is in Pale Violet light from a single 80mm fresnel. Others are lit only by the back Steel Blue.

(Image: A Preacher sits alone in his
 Church at Night

Here, a single 150mm fresnel throws Pale Violet light onto the preacher. The Upstage side fresnels throw a bit of Colour Correction Blue across the Upstage while the background tarp is in Dirty Peach.

(Image: A Ballet Performer gives her Impression
 of the Execution)

Front lighting is from 150mm Pale Violet fresnels, with the ballet girl's being more intense to feature her. The downlight colours are on slightly to invoke a subdued circus feeling.

(Image: A Lone Clown digs a Grave while
 a Citizen watches from Afar)

To project a sombre feeling of the grave being dug, only two lights are used here -- each is a 150mm fresnel in Pale Violet.
By not lighting the space in between, this feeling is heightened even more, as well as representing how far removed the citizens and circus people are from one another.

All photos, but the first "Elephant's Graveyard" `Colours' one, are courtesy of Bruce Goodick of Halifax. `Colours' photographer is unknown.

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