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Setting aside photo comparisons, one cannot search directly for an image because search engines only look at a page's text. Taking this into account here, use a venue, band or event name, or use a word or words that might appear within the narrative accompanying a photo or in its `Alt' text. All the photos on this website have proper, descriptive `Alt' text.

A DuckDuckGo search box has been added. For the reasons behind the dual search boxes, please see the primary AIEL Search Services page.

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    A `Search' window exclusive to the Photo Gallery will be
presented after the examples. Enter search terms of one or
more words, or of phrases. If using a phrase, place it within
double quotes. If only individual terms are used, leave them

    Searches are not case sensitive, so capital letters will be
treated as if in lower case. Boolean operators and wildcard
characters may also be employed as can be used for most
Internet searchs.

These include:
* (asterisk)
- (minus)
+ (plus)
? (question mark)
~ (tilde)

    Be aware that complete words should be entered.
Partial words such as `ellip' instead of `ellipsoidal'
will usually return no results.


  • If you wish to search for
    "Big Night" as a phrase:
    "big night"

  • If you wish pages containing
    both "night" and "big", either
    separately or together:
    night big
  • If you wish any instance
    of "night" or "big", or both:
    big OR night

  • If you wish to find pages
    having "night" but not "big":
    night -big

    Successful searches will result in the presentation
of links for only the Gallery pages that contain
the term(s) you have entered into the `Search' field.
(Advertisement links may preceed Gallery links.)

    Once you go to any Gallery page, use your
browser's Intra-Page Search function, to further
narrow the field to locate what you want. This is
explained in detail after the Search Box below,
then is followed by examples.

    For more search methods information,
have a look at these links:
(An https-compatible browser is required.)
Google Search Basics
DuckDuckGo Search Operators


Reason for the dual search boxes?
Please read the Primary AIEL Search Page
opening paragraphs and the Changes section
for an explanation.

Search the Photo Gallery via DuckDuckGo
Works with All Mainstream Browsers
Shows More AIEL Results

  Enter Words or Phrases
to Easily Locate Gallery Items

Search the Photo Gallery via Google
Works with Mainstream and Other Browsers
Shows Fewer results

  Enter Words or Phrases
to Locate Some Gallery Items


Intra-Page Search

    Upon arriving on a given link's page, use your browser's built-
in "Search" function to quickly jump to where you want within that
page. This is a recommended method because it eliminates the
always dreaded `scroll & scan' procedure needed to locate
the text you desire that is somewhere in the current document.

Depending on the browser, its own Search function is
typically invoked by pressing one of the following.

                BE CAUTIOUS!
Keys other than those your browser uses to
find text will produce non-search results.

    A box or field appears and you may enter the word or
terms for which you wish to search. If none of these key
commands work, consult your browser's "Help" guide.


Photo Gallery
Layout Structure

    Our extensive Photo Sections cover several categories
and span over a decade. To gain a perspective of this,
overviews are given in a variety of forms:

  1. A clickable Links Index, arranged by subject and
    dates, provides direct access to any photo spread.

  2. Two graphic maps are available for those wishing to
    visualise the Gallery's structure. The 1024-Pixel Image
    is for larger monitors. The 640-Pixel Image will suit
    mobile devices.

  3. In addition, a Text Layout is given that is appropriate
    for those using text browsers or for persons
    employing handicap-translation software.

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