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Tips, Advice and Suggestions for the
Tech Crew on the Road, or even for
Just Working at an Around-Town Gig

In this section of the AIEL website, ideas are presented that can
elevate the level of your professionalism. Topics encompass the
betterment of your abilities through the competent planning,
technique and organisation of the packing, loading and the
setting up of equipment. Discussion of such improvements
extends to the later running of your show and to the
security of its components while working on the
road. In addition, ways are given to be thrifty
about your purchases and maintenance of
equipment. These techniques extend
beyond this website because
they are desirable for
any livelihood or
line of business.

Tech Tips
Table of Contents

The Kits     Packing Tips     Additional Accessories
Unpacking and Setup     Cue Tips     The Frugal Tech
The Secure Tech     Decluttering your Shop Space     Tips Grabbag

All nine articles listed on
this page are available in plain
text format for your archives:
Tech Tips Text Archive

A Text Download Link for a Given Article
Is also Provided at the end of each Discussion

Some of you may be interested in Technician Corner in
the Purchase Guide section of our website.

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