Atlantic Illumination Entertainment Lighting

An AIEL Instructional Series

Recommendations for
Lighting Personnel

Tips, Advice, and Suggestions for
Touring Tech Crews on the Road,
or When Working One-Nighters
at Differing, In-Town Venues

Table of Contents

Preliminary     Gigging     General Tips



Each link following has an article that presents ideas which can elevate
the level of your professionalism. Topics encompass the betterment
of abilities through competent planning, technique and structuring
of packing, loading, and organising and setting up equipment.

Discussion of such improvements extends to the later running
of your show, and to the security of its components while
travelling and working on the road or at local venues.

In addition, methods to be thrifty regarding purchases
and servicing of equipment are given. These types
of techniques extend well beyond this website
because they are desirable for other
livelihoods and business lines.



The Kits
Prepare for Most Any Situation
You Might Encounter on the Road

  • Preliminary
  • Initial Considerations
  • Creating Your Kits
  • Suggested Kits

Other Accessories
Consider Bringing Additional Items
Along With You to Your Events

  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Tape Holder
  • Wrench Holder
  • Tool Belt
  • Stage Pass

Packing Tips
Organising the Packing Your Cases
and Loading the Truck Efficiently

  • A Right Case for the Purpose
  • Labelling and Colour Coding
  • Internal Organisation
  • Truck Loading

Unpacking and Setup
Crew Techniques and Methods
for Unpacking and Setup

  • Case Orientation
  • Logical Order
  • Blockage Considerations
  • Stacking Considerations
  • Tech Pit
  • Work Stations
  • Kits Area
  • Walkway Establishment
  • Security
  • Replacements Lists

General Tips, Advice,
and Suggestions

Cue Tips
Devising and Setting Up Suitable
Cue Sheets for Your Gigs

  • The Tips
  • Theatre Cue Sheet Example
  • Music Cue Sheet Example
  • Cue Directives

The Frugal Tech
Suggestions for
Saving Money

  • The Nickel and Dime Approach
  • Reuse, Repair, Refurbish
  • Obtain "Obsolete" Equipment
  • Buy Supplies Wisely
  • Sale Items

  • Replacement Lamp Savings
  • Buy One Sprayer per Product
  • Purchase Metric Tools
  • Need a Larger Shop Space?
  • Brief Suggestions for the Shop

The Secure Tech
Suggestions to Lessen Damage and
Loss. Ways to Combat Theft.

  • Damage Prevention
  • Theft Prevention
  • Safety Considerations

Tips Grabbag
Miscellaneous Tips for All Involved

  • Lighting-Related Tips
  • Shop-Related Tips
  • Storage-Related Tips
  • Quick Tips

All eight articles listed on
this page are available in plain
text format for your archives:

Tech Tips Text Archive

A Link for a Given Article's Text Version
Is also Provided at the end of each Discussion

Some of you may be interested in Technician's Corner in
the Purchase Guide section of our website.

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