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Select an article from the links below to improve your
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make an informed purchasing decision for the type and level
of items that are most suitable for your intended purpose.

For products sold by us there will be a link
within the article to a related catalogue page.
If you wish to know more about a particular
subject or its purchase, then please
Contact Atlantic Illumination.


New, used and refurbished products may be found under
Products to Purchase on the main AIEL Market page.
Manufacturers can be located via our Backstage Pass.

A Rant:
Crap is Crap!
Don't be Fooled


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    These will assist Technical Crews with the
purchase of products suitable for their work.

Also of Interest to Technical Personnel will
be the articles in Shop Tips, and Tech Tips
as found under AIEL Instructionals

Techs may also wish to read the rant
Crap is Crap! Don't be Fooled

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