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Colour media is the blanket term for that which is placed into a light
beam in order to colour, or colour-correct it. Other related products
which do not colour the beam are also included in the general category
of "Colour Media". Atlantic Illumination sells these colour products
as well as others which include reflection, diffusion, and polarizing.

Colour Media is called "gel"; this comes from the word "gelatin" -- a
colour medium developed in the early 1900s. No longer made, the term
has lived on in its most popular current form, the polyester sheet.
Yet, polyester is not the only material used to alter a light beam.

*     From the Instructionals portion of our website you may
  review the Colour Media Discussion, along with a related
  subject: Primary and Secondary Colours

*     Here is a Purchase Guide summary chart which will help
  decide which type to use: Colour Media Table

*     Also through the Purchase Guide, you can obtain a gel
  sample array in the form of a Swatch Book. Each book
  contains several hundred samples including Diffusion
  and Reflection Media.

*     Our extensive Shop Tips section offers a how-to regarding
  the care, storage and maintenance of plastic colour media.
  Rejuvenation and recycling tips are also presented.
  Colour Media Care and Preservation

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