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Products Related to
Lighting the Stage

(Image: Barn Doors)
AIEL Barn Doors
  • Steel Construction
  • Four Flaps
  • Rotatable
  • Adjustable Flap Tensioning

$95.00 - $125.00

(Image: Black Foil Wrap)
AIEL Black Wrap
Use to Eliminate Spill
Unwanted Reflections
  • Aluminum
  • Flameproof
  • Easily Conforms to Shapes
  • 7.5- and 15-Metre Rolls


(Image: Sheets of Gel)
AIEL Lee Gel
Colour/Diffusion/Neutral Density
  • Polyester or Polycarbonate Base
  • Sheets: 508mm X 610mm
  • Rolls: 1220mm X 7.5 M

Polyester Sheets: $9.00
Other Products: Call for Current Pricing
(Quantity Pricing Available)

(Image: Metal Gel Frames)
AIEL Gel Frames
  • Metal or Fibre Construction
  • Popular Sizes
  • Painted or Unpainted

(E-Mail/Call for Size Pricing)

(Image: Fresnel Lamp)
AIEL Replacement Lamps
  • Stage, Studio and Projection Lamps
  • Popular Types Stocked
  • Quartz Halogen and Incandescent
  • Lamps Available for Older Fixtures

(E-Mail/Call for Pricing)
(Image: Spring Retainer Ring)
AIEL Retainer Rings
  • Steel Construction
  • For Lens or Lamp Retention
  • Sizes to Fit Popular Fixtures

(E-Mail/Call for Size Pricing)
(Image: Safety Cable)
AIEL Safety Cables
  • 4mm Steel Cable
  • Steel Snap Link with Thimble
  • Poly Coated
  • 80cm Total Length
  • Black in Colour


(Image: 11-Watt Work Lamp)
AIEL Replacement Work Lamps
  • E28 Base (Medium Screw)
  • High Colour Rendition
     (Won't Alter Script Tab Colours)
  • Clear Bulb for Better Spill Control
  • Low Intensity for Backstage and Tech Booth
  • Super Long Life
  • No Special Dimmer Required

11 Watt: $2.80 (Brass Base)
  (Base Won't Seize in Socket)
40 Watt: $2.25 (Aluminum Base)

Quantity Pricing Available for Each



Products Related
to the Stage

(Image: Metal Anchor Plate)
AIEL Anchor Plates
  • Steel Construction
  • Plated to Resist Rust
  • Use with Cordage or D-Rings

20mm X 50mm: $2.75 ( 125 kg Rating)
20mm X 60mm: $3.80 ( 500 kg Rating)
30mm X 90mm: $4.25 (2250 kg Rating)

(Image: Steel D-Rings)
AIEL `D' Rings
  • Steel Construction
  • Plated to Resist Rust
  • Use with Cordage, Anchor Plates, or Link Hdwr
Light Duty:

DR-25  25mm    25 kg Rating  $1.25
DR-30  30mm    50 kg Rating   1.45
Heavy Duty:

DR-35  35mm   500 kg Rating  $1.75
DR-40  40mm  2250 kg Rating   2.25
(Image: Coil of Leather Tie)
AIEL Cordage: Leather Tie
  • Natural Rawhide for Endurance
  • Rectangular Cross Section
  • Very Strong for Size
  • Ideal for Retaining Cable Coils
  • Easy on the Hands

90 cm: $4.00

(Image: Spool of Black Braided Cord)
AIEL Cordage: Braided Cord
  • Braided Polypropylene Outer Covering
  • Stranded Nylon Core for Superior Strength
    Conservative Rating of 50 kg
    Tested at 500 kg
  • 10mm Thickness

10 Metres, Black: $19.00
Quantity Pricing Available

(Image: Spool of White Sash Cord)
AIEL Cordage: Sash Cord
  • Cotton for Softness and Flexibility
  • Synthetic Core for Extra Strength
  • Unglazed for Better Holding Power
  • Closed Weave -- Won't Unravel after Cutting
  • No Cauterisation Required

White or Off-White Cotton
4.5mm, 10 Metres: $ 8.00
5mm, 10 Metres: $ 8.90
8mm, 10 Metres: $ 9.50

Black Cotton/Synthetic Core
4mm, 10 Metres: $ 9.00
6mm, 10 Metres: $12.60

Quantity Pricing Available

(Image: Cabtire Cable)
AIEL Electrical Cable
  • Rubber and Neoprene Cable
  • 14 and 16 Gauge (Others Upon Request)
  • Sold by the Metre or Spool

(Copper Price Varies --
E-Mail/Call for Current Pricing

(Image: Sheet of Black Foamcore Board)
AIEL FoamBoard
  • Sandwich of Polystyrene between Coated Paper
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Easily Cut into Irregular Shapes
  • Flat Black Finish (White by Request)
  • 5mm Thickness

1000mm X 800mm $10.00
1200mm X 1200mm (Half Sheet) $16.25
1200mm X 2400mm (Full Sheet) $29.50

(Image: Jug of Fog Fluid)
AIEL Fog/Haze Fluids
  • Water Based
  • Low Residue after Evaporation
  • 1 and 4 Litre Sizes

(E-Mail/Call for Current Pricing)

(Image: Lanyard with Clip)
AIEL Lanyards
  • Braided Nylon Strap -- Black
  • Plated Steel Clasp
  • Plated Steel Swivel Ring
  • Plated Steel Snap Hook

Quantity Pricing Available

(Image: Coil of Set Wire)
AIEL Set Wire
  • Steel Construction
  • 16 Gauge
  • Very Flexible
  • Maintains Bends and Curvatures
  • Black Colour Suitable for the Stage

10 Metre Coil: $2.75

(Image: Suction Cup with Hook)
AIEL Suction Cups
  • Soft Material
  • Very Flexible

Per Package: $1.00

  Package 1: Six 24mm-Cup with Plastic Clip
  Package 2: Five 35mm-Cup with Slot
  Package 3: Four 35mm-Cup with Steel Hook



Products Related to
Touring Shows

(Image: Two-Channel Cable Mat)
AIEL Cable Channel Mats
  • Two or Five Channels
  • One-Metre Length
  • Top Loading with Hinged Cover
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Construction
  • Two Channel: $65.00
    Special: Get a Second for $35.00!
  • Five Channel: $90.00
    Special: Get a Second for $50.00!
(Image: Road Case Caster)
AIEL 50mm Road Case Caster
  • Plated Steel Construction
  • Handles Wet Locations
  • 20mm Rubber Tire
  • 40 kg Load Rating
  • 45mm x 65mm Mounting Plate
  • Ball Bearing Swivel
  • Sleave Bearing Wheel

$5.00 without Wheel Brake
$6.00 with Lever Wheel Brake

(Image: Locking Road Case Caster)
AIEL 75mm Road Case Caster
  • Plated Steel Construction
  • Handles Wet Locations
  • 25mm Rubber Tire
  • 100 kg Load Rating
  • 60mm x 70mm Mounting Plate
  • Ball Bearing Swivel with Thread Guard
  • Sleave Bearing Wheel

$7.50 without Wheel Brake
$8.50 with Lever Wheel Brake
      (Image Unavailable --
Caster not exactly as shown)

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