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(Image Left: Fluorescent Swing-Arm Light)

    Some of you are perhaps in a situation where you are required to maintain a stage lighting shop and its equipment for an employer or for yourself. The following provides instructionals regarding setting up a work area, painting the floor, installing work lighting, etc., plus additional tips and hints. Also covered are equipment maintenance and upkeep, along with safety issues.

    Although these articles are geared toward an entertainment lighting shop, some ideas discussed in them may be applied to other industries, as well. Be sure to read the entire series of articles because many have suggestions and methods that might be applied to some situations outside the subject of a given article.

 # -Equipment Maintenance

  1. Lighting Fixtures
  2. Colour Media
  3. Related Equipment

 # -Work Area Setup

  1. Layout
  2. Painting
  3. Cable Racks
  4. Storage
  5. Power
  6. Benches
  7. Work Lighting
  8. Additionals
  9. Tips

 # -Workshop Floor Painting

  1. A Guide to the Perfect, Durable Finish

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