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Recommendations for
Shop Personnel

Tips, Advice, and Suggestions
for Tech Crews When Doing
Shop Work or Servicing

Table of Contents

Preliminary     Articles



    Some of you are perhaps in a situation where you are required to maintain a stage lighting shop and its equipment for an employer or for yourself. Articles linked below discuss setting up a work area, floor painting, installing work lighting, equipment maintenance and upkeep, safety issues etc.; plus there are additional tips and hints.

    Although these articles are geared toward an entertainment lighting shop, some ideas discussed may be useful in other industries, as well. Be sure to read each discussion in its entirety because many have suggestions and methods that you might want to apply to situations outside the subject of a given article.



#  Decluttering your Shop Space
Organising to Achieve Greater
Work Space and Storage Room

  • Preliminary
  • Beginning the Task
  • Storage Suggestions
  • Filing the Clutter
  • Left-Overs
  • No Motivation...?

#  Equipment Maintenance
   Refurbishing and Keeping
   Your Gear in New Condition

  • Lighting Fixtures
    • Ellipsoidals
    • Fresnels
    • PARs
    • Work Lights
  • Colour Media
  • Lubrication Schedule

#  Shop Habits
  Train Yourself to have
  Good Shop Methods

  • Preliminary
  • Put Things Back
  • Sort Hardware and Parts
  • Replace Depleted Stock
  • Be Careful and Considerate
  • Make Notes for Others
  • Service Your Tools and Kits
  • Keep an Inventory
  • Safety Tips

#  Work Area Setup
  Establish an Efficient
  and Organised Workshop

  • Design
  • Power
  • Shop Lighting
  • Benches
  • Cable Dispensing
  • Storage
  • Additionals
  • General Tips

#  Workshop Floor Painting
  A Guide to Producing a
  Perfect, Durable Finish

  • Preliminary
  • Materials and Tools
  • Selecting Materials
  • Weather
  • Before Starting
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Floor Preparation
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Painting
  • Clean-Up
  • The Next Day
  • Enamel Coat
  • Removing Tape
  • Final Clean-Up

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