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Terms of Sale or Give-Away

Items to be Sold    Freebies!



Unless labelled as `New' or `Refurbished', or stated otherwise,
all items are as-is. They are FOB Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
Packaging, shipping, and HST tax (if applicable) must be
paid by the buyer within the "Payment" terms below.

In-person buyers may pay with cash, approved cheque
or money order; or must have an approved account.
Prices are +HST.

Those with no AIEL account and not buying in person must
pay with a certified cheque or money order in Canadian funds
negotiable at a Canadian bank. No shipments will be released
until payment clears.

We can also accept e-transfers.
Contact us for arrangements.

If no additional guarantee is expressed here or
when purchasing, items will have a Curb Warranty:
When you reach the curb,
the warranty expires

All Sales and Give-Aways on This Page are Final !

Call (902) 463-7418 or E-Mail
for Detail on This Page's Items.


Items to be Sold

Accessories    Audio/Video    Cable    Electrical

Equipment Racks    Lamps    Lighting    Retail

Reception and Office    Stage and Studio Supplies   

Stage Props / Set Pieces    Shop    Storage   

Miscellaneous    Freebies!

Photos Upon Request for
Many of the Items



  1. Spring Clamps.
    Moulded Construction. Various Sizes.
    Delisted Stock Item.

    Regular Prices: $0.75 to $1.25
    Sell: BOGO! Buy One, Get One!

  2. Refurbished Pipe Clamps.
    Foto Engineering (FE Light) Lighting Fixture Clamps.
    Heavy Gauge `Hook' Style
    Buffed and Painted. Available with New, Plated Hardware.
    Fits 25mm to 36mm pipe.

    Price: $12.00 - $14.00



  1. Disc Jockey Mixer
    Realistic DJ Special
    * Rack Mountable
    * Stereo
    * Seven-Band Graphic EQ for each Side
    * Dual db Meters
    * Echo Effect with Adjustable Delay
    * Phono Crossfader
    * Microphone Talkover
    * Headphone Jack with Monitor Switching
    * Five Inputs:
    • Microphone (Low/High Impedance Switch)
    • Phono 1 (Ceramic or Magnetic)
    • Phono 2 (Ceramic or Magnetic)
    • Aux 1
    • Aux 2

    Price: $95.00
    New Condition

  2. Guitar Amplifier Head
    Traynor BA-3 Custom Special
    Completely Refurbished!
    * Fan Cooled
    * New Output Tubes
    * Rebiased
    * Tests at 130 Watts Output
    * Grounded Line Cord Installed
    `Death' Capacitor Removed;
    Associated Circuitry Disabled

    Price: $975.00

  3. Ear Buds
    * Twin Buds
    * Straight Cable
    * Dual `TRS' Style Connectors

    Price: $1.00
    Discontinued Product

  4. Wall Brackets/Mounts
    for Flat Panel
    Computer Monitors/Televisions
    Various Sizes and Types

    Old Stock, Unused
    Damaged and/or Dirty Packaging

    AXSYS Small: 5.00
    Prime Mounts Medium: $10.00
    Prime Mounts Large: $20.00

  5. Automotive Woofer Cabinets
    For 8" Driver

    * Slanted-Face
    * Carpeted Exterior
    * Metal Diamond Grills
    * Connectors Included

    New. $40.00/Pair.

  6. Cone Drivers
    * Model DH-6020
    * 16cm/6.25" Drivers
    * Poly Cone
    * Rubber Surrounds
    * 8 Ohm, 25 Watt

    Old Stock, New: $15.00



  1. Audio Snake Cable
    * 100% Shielded (Foil)
    * Various Lengths
    * Various Channels

    Used: $2.00 to $5.00 per Metre

  2. CAT 6 Cable
    Details to Follow

    To be sold by the metre,
    10-metre coil, and 25-metre coil.

  3. HDMI/DVI Cables
    Electronic Master
    * 19 Pin
    * 1.8m Length

    Old Stock, New: $6.00

  4. Multi-Circuit Cable
    Old stock, unused. Some jackets may have storage residue.

    Price: Sold by the metre at 1/3 to 1/4 of the current market price depending on quantity.
    E-Mail for a quote stating the type and length desired.



  1. Connectors
    General Electric
    * L5-20P
    * 20-Amp Male
    * Twist Lock
    * Yellow PVC Shell

    Price: Used: $10.00 each, 4 for $32.00

    Stage Pin Plugs
    * Lie-Flat Design
    * 20-Amp Male
    * Solid, Pliable Rubber Shell

    Price: Used: $15.00 each, 4 for $50.00



  1. Stereo Component Racks
    * Open Front and Back
    * Sides have Metal, Square-Tubed Frames
    * Sides Themselves are Open Metal Grid
    * Metal Rod `X' Bracing at Rear
    * Thick (20mm) Wooden Top and Bottom
    * Four Wooden Shelves (Two are Adjustable)
    * Metal Handles at Top Front
    * Casters
    * Surge-Protected Power Centre

    80cm W x 43cm D x 82cm H

    Price: Used: $75.00

    * Wood Construction
    * Glass-Door Front
    * Fibreboard Back
    * Three Wooden Shelves (Two are Adjustable)
    * Casters

    54cm W x 40cm D x 90cm H

    Price: Used: $35.00

  2. Standard Equipment Racks
    All were permanent-installation in studios or clubs.

  3. Standard Server Racks
    Equipment in this section was at an Internet Service Provider
    or at other professional computer installations.

  4. Bare Equipment Racks



We currently have replacements for:
Stage and Studio Fixtures
Antique Slide and Overhead Projectors
Antique Motion Picture Projectors

See the LAMPS subpage:
Clearance of Lamps



  1. Used Gel Frames
    * Metal
    * Black
    * Sizes to fit typical Fresnel and PAR Fixtures

    Price: 25% to 50% of New.

  2. Lee Filters
    We still have some colours available at the old price.

    Standard Sheets: $7.50.
    25 or more: $7.00 each
    (Products may be mixed
    to achieve 25 sheets.)

  3. Refurbished Stage Lights

    Fixtures Currently Available:

    DEFINITION:  `Refurbished' means that fixtures have been restored
    to a condition whereby they operate as new; this work might
    include, but is not limited to, the repair of all broken parts, or
    replacement of damaged or missing parts with new or refurbished
    stock. Rewiring and repainting is done as required, and all
    fixture optics are realigned.

    WARRANTY:  Our refurbished lights have a one-year AIEL
    parts & labour warranty which covers any components that fail
    while under normal usage. This agreement does not extend to
    accident or maltreatment, lamp burn-out, or shipping to and
    from the AIEL warehouse for repair purposes.

    PRICES for REFURBISHED UNITS:  These typically span
    25% to 75% the cost of an equivalent new fixture.

    ACCESSORIES:  Accessories can be had from our inventory of
    new stock, or from used/refurbished ones, when available. These include
    connectors, lamps, gel frames, safety cables, and pipe clamps.

    Please E-Mail or call (902) 463-7418
    with a list of your requirements.

  4. Used Stage Lights

    Fixtures Currently Available:

    Used fixtures have a 90-day, limited warranty.

  5. Used Stage Light Accessories

    Used accessories have a 90-day, limited warranty.
    Used lamps have no warranty.

  6. Blacklight Fixtures
    * New
    * 50-cm Length
    * 15-watt Filtered UV Tube
    * Diffuser on Fixture
    * Integral Switch
    * Parallel-Blade Line Cord

    Price: $25.00
    Scratch & Dent: $15.00 each
    Discontinued Product
    When stock is exhausted, demonstrators will be sold for $5.00.



  1. Showroom Display Unit



  1. Office Fan
    * Stylish, Slim, Rectangular with rounded edges
    * 25cm W x 60cm H x 30cm D
    * Fully Enclosed
    * Programable
    * Three Speeds
    * Automated Air Redirector
    * Black Colour

    Price: $20.00

  2. Furniture
  3. File Cabinets
    Three- and four-drawer cabinets of Commercial and Military grade.
    (Not thin metal, easily-flexed junk!)
    Legal and letter sizes. Vertical and lateral styles.
    Some are lockable; keys are included.

    Price: $25.00 to $80.00.



  1. Workbench
    * All Solid Wood
    * Centre Drawer
    * Stepped Floor Base on each Side
    * Very Stable
    * 150cm (w) x 60cm (d) x 75cm (t)


    Price: $75.00

  2. DOZOP Dolly
    Big when you need it; small when you don't

    * Rectangular Tubing
    * Lightweight (2.6 kg)
    * 50mm Casters
    * 50cm x 50cm Platform
    * 115 kg Load Rating
    * Assembles and Disassembles without Tools

    New, Unused. $25.00
    Two for $40.00!
    Delisted Product

  3. Heat-Resistant Fixture Paint
    * Best Product for Stage Lights
    * Rich, Semi-Matte Black Finish
    * Dries Very Quickly
    * 650-Degree C Rating
    * Spray can

    340-Gram Can: $10.00
    Buy Two Cans, Get One or
    Two More @ $7.00

  4. `4 Usage' Lubricant
    RZ Trading
    * 292 Grams
    * Spray Can
    * Extension Nozzle

    A light oil used as a metal protectant,
    grease rehydrator, and penetrant.
    Works very well for seized road case hardware!

    Price: Was $5.00, Remaining Inventory @ $2.00!
    Delisted Stock Item.

  5. Wagon Cart
    * All Steel
    * Screened Bottom
    * Low Curb Surround
    * D-Type Pull Handle
    * Steerable Front Wheels
    * Pneumatic Tires

    Approximately 1m X .6m.
    Used, but in new condition.

    Price: $60.00

  6. Box Cart
    Move multiple items with ease.

    * Heavy Duty
    * Steel-Framed
    * Polyethylene Box
    * Open Top
    * Steel Casters
    * ~ 1.25 X .6 X .6m

    Price: Used: $75.00

  7. Work Benches
    Technician's Bench
    * Metal and Fibreglass
    * Storage Compartment at Front
    * Flat Work Space on Top Left
    * Sloped Recess on Top Right
    * ~1.25 m X .8 m.

    Price: Used: $45.00



  1. Duct Tapes
    M-D Canada
    * 48mm x 50 M
    * Grey

    Price: $7.00
    Buy one roll at the regular price
    Get a second for only $5.00!

    * 48mm x 50 M
    * Grey

    Price: $5.00

  2. Flexible Plastic Sheets
    * High Quality
    * Extremely Durable
    * Smooth Finish all Round
    * Sheets: 60 cm x 60 cm
    * 5 mm Thickness
    * Various Colours

    Remaining Stock: $6.00 per sheet.

  3. Foam Core
    * Very High Quality
    * Sheets: 1 metre x .8 metre
    * Dense Core for Extra Rigidity
    * Ultra-Smooth Facing

    Price: $10.00 per sheet.
    Smudged Sheets: $6.00 to $8.00
    Delisted Size

  4. Luminous (Glow) Tape
    * Very Sticky
    * Glows Whitish-Green
    * 48mm X 3.0 M

    Price: $6.00
    Buy One, Get a Second for $4.00!
    Smudges on Outside of Rolls

  5. Spike Tape
    * 9mm Width
    * 60-Metre Length
    * PVC Backing (Marker Ink won't Bleed)
    * Six Colours (Available only while stock lasts)

    Price: Discontinued Roll Length: $2.00 each!

  6. Other Stage Tapes
    Discontinued various lengths and colours of Duct, Stage, and Cable Tapes.

    Price: 50% to 75% off, so you will pay $2.75 to $10.00 per roll.

  7. Fluorescent Cordage
    Nylon cord that glows under blacklight. Woven braid, smooth, very strong.
    Reusable. Able to be tensioned. Green/Yellow only. 75 metres.

    Discontinued Product: $15.00
    Bonus! Four extra metres on these spools. This is only 15 cents per metre!
    Spools with Discoloured Outer Layer: $10.00.



  1. Horse-Drawn Gig

    * Two-Wheel * Wagon-Style Wheels
    * Seats
    * Panels

    No Fringe Cover. Horse not included!

  2. Antique Shipping Container

    * Stained, Natural Wood Slats
    * Rope Handles
    * Shipping Stencils


  3. Containers
    * Heavy Glass
    * Non-Coloured
    * Transparent
    * Flattened Front and Back
    * Some have Patterned Glass
    * ~400 ml Capacity

    Price: $0.60
    Six for $3.00

  4. Caps (28mm)
    These will fit the above Jugs

    * Robust Plastic
    * Threaded (Screw-On)
    * Insert Free

    Brands and Colours
    * Kerr (Red)
    * Pano (Black)
    * Starr (Blue)

    * Each: $0.40
    * Package of Two: $0.60
    * Package of Six: $1.50
    (Colour Mixing is Permitted)

  5. Corks (18mm)
    These will fit the preceeding Jugs

    * Fisher Scientific Quality
    * Laboratory Grade
    * Long Lasting
    * Actual Cork Wood
    * Classic, Vintage Taper and Style
    * Light, Wood Colour

    Each: $0.80
    Package of Six: $4.00



  1. Wooden Storage Cabinets
    Wall Units
    * 60cm W x 75cm H x 30cm D
    * Hinged doors
    * Most have interior shelves
    * White Colour

    Floor Units:
    * 60cm W x 175cm H x 30cm D
    * Hinged doors
    * No interior shelves
    * White Colour
    * Some Have Glass Door Panels

    Price: $10.00 - $45.00

  2. Metal Storage Cabinets
    * Four-drawer steel cabinets
    * 45cm W x 130cm H x 70cm D
    * Roller tracks for each drawer
    * Drawers can be easily removed
    * Drawers handle heavy objects without warpage
    * Various Colours

    Price: $25.00 to $75.00.

  3. Road Cases
    None currently available.



  1. Uninterruptable Power Supply
    * Professional Server Model
    * Rack Mountable
    More information to follow once the
    unit is taken out of service.

  2. Trailer Hitch
    * Heavy Duty
    * With Ball and Locking Pin
    * New Condition (Appears to have never been used)

    Ball Diameter: 60mm
    Box End Width: 50mm
    Rise: 200mm

    Price: $85.00

  3. Stacking Tables and Chairs
    Wooden tables and chairs with tubular metal legs. Used.

    Prices Depending on Condition:
    Tables: $15.00 to $25.00 each
    Chairs: $10.00 to $15.00 each
    One table with six chairs: $70.00 to $100.00



Hare are items, some of which have been donated to
us that we are passing along at no charge. The rest
may have parts missing or are broken, and/or the
condition is simply not of a high enough standard
at which we could ethically attach a price.

We would rather give away any items that are in so-so
condition than send them to a landfill. Some may want
them for parts, while do-it-your-selfers will be happy
to undertake the time to restore these things to be
fully working, if not to a totally renewed state.

Please find homes for them.

Reuse -- Repurpose -- Repair
Refurbish -- Recycle -- Rethink!


  To Give Away:

All are strictly as-is, where-is.

Although each of the sold and given-away items is delisted
as quickly as possible, we ask you to understand that free
items come and go far too frequently to be able to assure
the current availability of a particular piece -- even though it
might still be offered here on this webpage. Therefore, we
request you please contact us before coming to our shop:

(902) 463-7418 or E-Mail

In addition, when we expect more of a specific item within a
reasonable time frame, it will continue to be listed. Persons
contacting us can request to have their names placed on a
waiting list, after which each will be advised as items arrive.

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