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  • Used and Refurbished Articles
    from our Warehouse, Shops,
    and Business Offices.
  • Stage Lights and Accessories,
    Demonstrators, Discontinued
    Items, Ex Rental Inventory,
    Older Stock, and Trade-Ins,
  • Rebuilds, Shop/Business
    Furnishings, Audio Gear and
    Parts, and One-Off, Special
  • Scratch & Dent Equipment
    and Related Components,

    Give-Away/Free Items



    Unless stated as `New' or `Refurbished', all items are as-is, FOB Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Packaging, shipping, and tax (if applicable) must be paid by the buyer.

    Terms are STRICTLY certified cheque or money order in Canadian funds negotiable at a Canadian bank. No shipments released until payment clears. In-person buyers may also pay with cash, barring other arrangements. (Sorry: On-line or debit/credit payment is not available for items on this page.)

If no additional guarantee is expressed here or
when purchasing, items will have a Curb Warranty:

When you reach the curb,
the warranty expires

All Sales and Give-Aways are Final !



AIEL continues to empty storage areas related to on-going renovations and general changes within our warehouse. Expect to see new listings here on a monthly, if not weekly, basis as equipment is evaluated, and as discontinued and older items are liquidated from our supply and stock inventories.

Call (902) 463-7418 or E-Mail
for things added since the
`press time' of this webpage.



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Retail    Reception and Office    Storage    Miscellaneous

(Give-Away Items from the categories below
are located in our Freebies! section.)



  1. Contractor Jobsite Lights
    Two fixtures, each on its own adjustable standard, each with three
    fluorescent `U' tubes -- all on an adjustable tripod stand. Very bright!

    Price: $75.00.

  2. Refurbished Pipe Clamps.
    Foto Engineering (FE Light) Lighting Fixture Clamps.
    Buffed and Painted. All New Plated Hardware.
    Fits 25mm to 36mm pipe.

    Price: $10.00

  3. Used Fresnels. 150mm
    Ex Rental Stock
    Brands include Altman, Foto Engineering (FE Light), and others.
    Some have been rewired, and some have new lenses, new sockets,
    and/or new hardware.

    Price: $60.00 to $125.00 -- depending on condition and accessories.

  4. Refurbished Fresnels

    Price: $150.00.

  5. PAR 38 Lamps
    Lamps New, No Boxes. 25 Watts. Halogen. Medium Screw Base.
    40-Degree Wide Flood.

    Price: $5.00. Five for $20.00.

  6. PAR 30 Lamps
    Lamps New, Missing Boxes. 50 Watts. Halogen. Medium Screw Base.
    950 Lumens. 25-Degree Medium Flood.

    Price: $6.00. Five for $25.00.

  7. LED PAR 20 Lamps
    Surplus Purchase: Not a normal stock item with us.
    4 Watts. 180 Lumens. Dimmable. Medium Screw Base. 24,000 Hours Average Life.

    Price: $10.00. Five for $40.00.

  8. DAB Projection Lamps
    Discontinued. Incandescent. 500 Watts. Medium Prefocus Base.
    12,750 Lumens. 3250 K. 25 Hours Life.

    Will fit a typical 150mm fresnel socket and
    align properly with its reflector and lens.

    Price: $8.00.

  9. 200mm Ellipsoidals
    Refurbished Hub and Control Lighting Ellipsoidals with 200mm step lenses.
    These are long-throw models with field angles ranging from 8 to 17 degrees.

    All fixtures are restored to working condition, cleaned, lubricated and aligned.
    Some have been rewired and/or repainted. Some fixtures may have 15-amp
    U-ground connectors. Lamps, clamps, safety cables and gel frames are
    not included but are available new, or sometimes used, from us.

    Price: $200.00 to $300.00 per fixture depending upon exact work done.

  10. Ultraviolet Fixtures
    New. 15-watt, filtered blacklight fixtures with diffusers.
    Includes line cord with parallel-blade plug for 120-volt usage.
    Integral switch. Overall length is 50 cm, excluding the line
    cord and strain relief.

    Discontinued: Regular $40.00. Sell: $25.00.
    Scratch & Dent: $15.00 each.
    When stock is exhausted, demonstrator will be sold for $5.00.



  1. Surround Sound System


  2. Cabinets

  3. Cabinets with Drivers

  4. Drivers



  1. Connectors
    L5-20P: 20-Amp Twist Lock Male

    Price: Used: $10.00 each. 10 Lots for $80.00



  1. Luminous Tape
    Special Purchase: Economy Glow Tape. 48mm X 3.0 M

    Price: $5.00

  2. Spike Tape
    Discontinued Length: 60-Metre Roll, 9mm Width. Six colours
    available while stock lasts.

    Price: Remaining Rolls are $2.00 each!

  3. Adhesive Tapes
    Discontinued various lengths and colours of duct, stage and other tapes.

    Price: 50% to 75% off, so you will pay $2.75 to $10.00 per roll.

  4. Fluorescent Cordage
    New. Nylon cord that glows under blacklight. Woven braid, smooth, very strong.
    Reusable. Able to be tensioned. Green/Yellow only. 75 metres.

    Discontinued: Regular $19.00. Sell: $15.00.
    Bonus! Four extra metres on these spools. That is only 15 cents per metre!
    Spools with Discoloured Outer Layer: $10.00.

  5. Equipment Racks
    All were permanent-installation (studio/club) units unless noted.
    There are more than one of some models.



  1. Spray Paint
    Special Purchase: Discontinued by Supplier. Flat Black Only. 283 gram can.
    Very, very fast drying.

    Price: $5.75. Two Cans for $10.00.

  2. Pneumatic-Tired Wagon Cart
    All Steel, Garden-style with screened bottom and a low curb all around.
    D-type pull handle attached to steerable front wheels.
    Approximately 1m X .6m. New condition.

    Price: $75.00.

  3. Multi-Cable
    Old stock, unused. Some jackets may have storage residue.

    Price: Sold by the metre at 1/3 to 1/4 of the current market price depending on quantity.
    E-Mail for a quote stating the type and length desired.

  4. Box Cart
    Service Cart. Move multiple items wth ease.
    Heavy Duty, Polyethylene, Open-Topped Box. Steel Frame and Casters.
    ~ 1.25 X .6 X .6m

    Price: Used: $75.00

  5. Work Benches
    None for sale at this time, but give-aways are in Freebies!.



  1. Retail Display Units



  1. File Cabinets
    Three- and four-drawer cabinets of Commercial and Military grade.
    (Not thin metal, easily-flexed crap!)
    Legal and letter sizes. Vertical and lateral styles.
    Some are lockable; keys are included.

    Price: $25.00 to $80.00.

  2. Furniture



  1. Cabinet and Cupboards
    Tall (~ 2 metres) wooden cabinet with twin doors.
    Cupboards are half the size, also with twin doors.
    White in colour. Suitable for shop or laundry room.

    Price: Cabinet: $25.00, Cupboards: $10.00 each

  2. Road Cases
    None available at this time.



  1. Vehicle Tires
    Trailer, Car, Truck Sizes. Used. E-Mail with size required.

    Price: $5.00 to $30.00.

  2. Compact Refrigerator
    Magic Chef Bar Fridge. ~50cm Square. Gloss Black. Clean.
    New condition, save for some scratches.

    Price: $50.00.

  3. Stacking Tables and Chairs
    Wooden tables and chairs with tubular metal legs. Used.

    Price: Tables: $15 to $25.00. Chairs: $15.00.
    One table with six chairs: $75.00 to $90.00.



Following is a list of items that have been donated
to us which we are passing along at no charge. The
rest may have parts missing or broken, and/or their
condition is simply not of a high enough standard
at which we would feel ethical attaching a price.

We would rather give away any items that are in so-so
condition than send them to a landfill. Some may want
them for parts, while do-it-your-selfers will be happy
to undertake the time to restore these things to be
fully working, if not to a totally renewed state.
Please help find homes for them.

Reuse -- Repurpose -- Repair
Refurbish -- Recycle -- Rethink!

   To Give Away:
     All are strictly as-is, where-is.

Although each of the sold and given-away items is delisted
as quickly as possible, we ask you to understand that free
items come and go too frequently to be able to assure the
current availability of a particular piece. This is even though
it might still be shown here on this webpage. Therefore, we
request you please contact us before coming to our shop:

(902) 463-7418 or E-Mail

In addition, when we expect more of a specific item within a
reasonable time frame, it will continue to be listed. Persons
contacting us can request to have their names placed on a
waiting list, after which each will be advised as items arrive.

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