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                                December 1

1/ Removed remaining dead links from Backstage Pass Websites Directory.
 Questionable links are being kept until resolved.

                                November 27

1/ Started the overhaul of the Backstage Pass Websites Directory.
    * Altered the opening layout.
    * Condensed the opening navigation sections into one, three-column
       block with a new background.
    * Began to remove dead links.

                                November 11

1/ Added "Medical Adhesive Remover" to the
 Lubricants and Solvents Buyers Guide.

                                October 22

1/ Added more superlative words to the Crap is Crap rant in the
 AIEL Market Purchase Guide.

2/ Placed the "Superlatives" section of the Crap is Crap rant into
 two columns.

                                October 20

1/ Added the Crap is Crap rant to the AIEL Market Purchase Guide.

                                October 12

1/ Made regular the vertical spacing between blocks on the
 AIEL Main Page.

                                October 2

1/ Added more information and images to the Work Stations article.

                              September 23

1/ Fixed the layout of the AIEL Instructionals Table of Contents.
 It had not been displaying properly in some browsers.
2/ Replaced the automated HTML 5 "Text Vesrion Download" links in all
 AIEL Instructionals and Tech Tips articles.
 They did not work in some browsers. Each link now takes one directly
 to the appropriate text file version.

                               September 19

1/ Updated the Tech Tips Table of Contents with a list of
 topics for each link.

                               September 2

1/ Continued the process of restoring Search capability to
 AIEL Photo Gallery html documents that no longer appear
 in Google's cache.

 Table of Contents pages are first:
 * Photo Gallery Archive
 * Photo Gallery Dance Archive
 * Photo Gallery Music Archive
 * Photo Gallery Other Events Archive
 * Photo Gallery Theatre Archive

                                August 26

1/ Began the process of restoring Search capability to
 AIEL Photo Gallery html documents that no longer appear
 in Google's cache. This will be done by altering the
 content of each AIEL page currently missing from Google
 so that our file date will be newer than the current
 one Google has. Hopefully, Google will add the new files
 so they will once again be presented in the results from
 searches of our website.

                                August 16

1/ Updated the Clearance page with many new items. 

                                August 2

1/ Added to The Frugal Tech.
2/ Added an Accessories Category to AIEL Market Clearance.
3/ Added sale and free items to AIEL Market Clearance.

                                 July 29

1/ Added more entries to the Glossary.

                                 July 27

1/  Repaird broken links and/or updated the following articles in:
 AIEL Essays:

Backstage Blues
Experienced Crew?
The Lazy Lighting Designer
RB on Stage Lighting Design

                                 July 15

1/ Added more entries to the Abbreviations Section in the Glossary.

                                 July 1

1/ Added About the AIEL Website Design, which discusses methods 
 used at this site to alleviate the Digital Divide.

                                 June 22

1/ Removed dead links from Backstage Pass.

                                 June 14

1/ Added new items to the Clearance page in the "Freebies" Section.

                                 June 1

1/ Corrected the broken "Search" link on the  AIEL Main Page
 by switching it to a graphic.

                                  May 29

1/ Added sub-navigation links to the Flashlight Purchase Guide.
2/ Updated the text in the Flashlight Purchase Guide.
3/ Added "Frugal Tip" and "A Warning" to Flashlight Purchase Guide.

                                  May 28

1/ Added an entry to Murphy's Laws. (Number 4)

                                  May 27

1/ Updated the Clearance Page to reflect items being delisted
 due to the Covid-19 Crisis.

                                  May 26

1/ Divided the AIEL Main Page opening into three paragraphs to
 improve fast readability.

                                 April 29

1/ Added Anchor and D-Ring products to the Accessories Sales Page.

                                 March 16

1/ Changed the shop hours in the Contact Section.

                               February 13

1/ Updated the Fixture Calculations article.
2/ Added a "Shortcut Tips" section to the Fixture Calculations

                               February 2

1/ Updated the "Multimeter" tip in the  Tech Tips Grabbag article.
2/ Updated the "Benches and Floor" section in the Shoptips Work Area

                                January 8

1/ Updated the Flashlight Purchase Guide article.

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