Atlantic Illumination Entertainment Lighting


				April 4

1/ Updated the Road Directions to our location so as to
 reflect recent changes to local roads and highways.
2/ Clarified ambiguous instructions in the above link.

                                March 5th

1/ Added new to Sales: Lighting Service Personnel Accessories.
2/ Added "Life of the Product" to the "Superlatives" section of
 Crap is Crap.

                                March 3rd

1/ Fixed broken final links in all AIEL Instructionals.
2/ Corrected spelling and typographical errors in the
 AIEL Website Design Discussion and the AIEL Shop Tour.
3/ Updated hours of operation in Contact and Location Information.                                ________

                                February 10

1/ Slightly altered the layout of the "Superlatives" section
 in the Crap is Crap article so as to lessen unintended
 text wrapping on mobile devices.

                                February 2

1/ Updated Murphy's Laws of Stage Lighting.
2/ Added a bold heading to each Law in the above.

                                January 7

1/ Added more to the shop section of the Tech Tips Grabbag.

                                January 19

1/ Update tape widths discussed throughout the Stage Tape Purchase Guide
2/ Corrected spelling and typographic errors in the above.

                                January 16

1/ Added more under `Cautions' and `Superlatives' to  Crap is Crap

                                January 10

1/ Added more abbreviations to the AIEL Glossary

                                January 7

1/ Added "Keys Kit" to the Kits discussion.

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