Atlantic Illumination Entertainment Lighting


                                  June 1

1/ Corrected the "Search" link and switched it to a graphic on the 
 AIEL Main Page.

                                  May 29

1/ Added sub-navigation links to the Flashlight Purchase Guide.
2/ Updated the text in the Flashlight Purchase Guide.
3/ Added "Frugal Tip" and "A Warning" to Flashlight Purchase Guide.

                                  May 28

1/ Added an entry to Murphy's Laws. (Number 4)

                                  May 27

1/ Updated the Clearance Page to reflect items being delisted
 due to the Covid-19 Crisis.

                                  May 26

1/ Divided the AIEL Main Page opening into three paragraphs to
 improve fast readability.

                                  April 29

1/ Added Anchor and D-Ring products to the Accessories Sales Page.

                                  March 16

1/ Changed the shop hours in the Contact Section.

                                 February 13

1/ Updated the Fixture Calculations article.
2/ Added a "Shortcut Tips" section to the Fixture Calculations

                                 February 2

1/ Updated the "Multimeter" tip in the  Tech Tips Grabbag article.
2/ Updated the "Benches and Floor" section in the Shoptips Work Area

                                 January 8

1/ Updated the Flashlight Purchase Guide article.

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