Atlantic Illumination Entertainment Lighting


                                June 25

1/ Added entries to the Glossary:
 * Close-Up Magic
 * Ebb and Flow
 * Repertory Theatre

                                June 17

1/ Regarding the Glossary:
 * Added more Definition entries, and clarified others.
 * Corrected one grammar and two spelling errors.
 * Added many more entries to the "Abbreviations" section.

                                June 14

1/ Added "Caster Lock" to the Glossary.
2/ Clarified parts of the "Locking" discussion in the
 Caster Purchase Guide.

                                June 5

1/ Added a .pdf comment to AIEL Website Design.

                                May 25

1/ Regarding the Instructionals Glossary:
*  Added more terms and definitions.
*  Updated other entries.
*  Reworded some existing entries for clarification purposes.

                                May 15

1/ Altered the banner lettering on the AIEL Main Page
 to correct a partial fading of the letter `A' which had
  made it appear not to be there on some mobile devices.

                                April 13

1/ Added "Stage Props" to AIEL Clearance.

                                March 23

1/ Added "Screwgun" to the Instructionals Glossary.

                                March 21

1/ Added "Glue Gun Restoration" to Work Area Service Tips.

                                March 17

1/ Due to the poor renderning (read `breakage') by some recent browsers,
 the navigation tables' html was revamped in the following's sublinks 
 so they appear as intended.

* AIEL Market
* AIEL Instructionals

                                March 16

1/ Did the following in the Lubricants and Solvents Purchase Guide:
 * Updated articles where needed.
 * Made the navigation be consistent with the "Market" section.
 * Altered html coding to render better on problem text browsers.
 * Made the html coding uniform for all sections on this page.

2/ Added to the AIEL Website Design Discussion.

3/ AIEL Master Links Index:
 * Corrected alphabetical order.
 * Added missing links.
 * Removed links from wrong categories.
 * Fixed minor html errors.

4/ Added the latest links to the Site Maps in the Visual
 Layout Structure links in AIEL Search Services.

                                March 9

1/ Revamped the navigation tables html in the Flashlights Purchase Guide
  so as to fix breakage by some recent browsers.

                                March 4

1/ Added more entries to "Quick Tips" in the Tech Tips Grabbag.

                                March 2

1/ Added more projection entries to Lamps Clearance.

2/ Added products to the Clearance section in these categories:
   Stage and Studio Supplies

                                February 18

1/ Updated in Tech Tips:
 The Kits
 The Frugal Tech

2/ Also updated or added to:
 Work Area Shop Tips
 Instructionals Glossary
 Stage Tape Purchase Guide
 AIEL Website Design Discussion

                                January 21

1/ Altered html coding in the Tech Tips Table of Contents
 so as to get around a rendering issue with Google's Chrome 
 browser for mobile devices.

                                January 4

1/ Added items to the "Audio/Video" and "Shop" categories in
 the AIEL Market Clearance

                                January 3

1/ Added "Frozen Dinner Trays" to AIEL Recycles

2/ Alphabetised individual categories in AIEL Recycles

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